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Brick Wall For Home- Harmonic Bay

How Can You Make The Appearance Of Exposed Brick Wall Tiles In Your Home Décor?

The Appearance Of Exposed Brick Wall Tiles In Your Home

An excellent way to elevate your bare walls involves considering exposing your home’s brickwork. Besides being versatile and matching various décor styles, exposed brick walls lend a rustic and earthy charm to your room. Whether you opt for traditional, eclectic, contemporary, or Scandinavian, the elegant brick wall designs match well with them.

Brick Tiles: What Are They?
Brick tiles, often called brick slips, are thin brick strips cut from a standard-sized clay brick approximately 22 mm thick. Although they retain the look of a typical brick, they are distinct from their full-sized relatives. Brick tiles are ideal for decoration in the interior walls and have certain intrinsic defensive properties, which make them heat and weather-resistant.
Explore different ways to incorporate brick wall designs into your home without much ado.

Tips to Create the Appearance of Exposed Brick Wall Tiles in Interiors

Exposed brickwork by interior designers is a perfect way to incorporate the accent in your living room, kitchen, and other interiors.

Combination of Modern and Rustic Look

Exposed Brick Wall Modern Look- Harmonic Bay
Brick walls were common in traditional houses. You can create the same rustic look by adding brick wall tiles in the indoor space. This special and recognizable style offers your interiors a fresh and contemporary look. The brick impact on the wall adds room with lots of elegance and class. Incorporate the style in any interior walls and create a focal point in the room.

Creative Brick Wall Patterns with Different Bonds
Getting creative with your brick bonds elevates your brick wall design. A brick bond is a pattern where brick designers lay the bricks, creating various brick wall designs for your interiors. Running, English, common, Header, Flemish, and Stretcher are some of the most popular bonds. Each type of bond will create different wall patterns, comprising installation and structural challenges.

Raw Brick Walls as Accent Walls

Exposed brick walls for accent - harmonic bay
While the exposed brick wall creates a dramatic visual effect in any room, you can also utilize it as a creative background for displaying art and decorative objects. Since the raw brick wall brings a visual and tactile layer, it is better not to flood it with several art pieces.

Using Brick Tiles in Kid’s Room
If you have a place allowing you to indulge in a delightful experience, it is your kid’s room. Introduce bricks interior design in your kid’s bedroom, and decide what you want to do with the space. Since you can change the wall design, it is best suited for growing kids.

Colorful Brick Wall Tiles for Your Kitchen

Exposed Brick Wall for kitchen- harmonic bay
Besides your living room, exposed brick walls add visual appeal to the kitchen ad suits all styles. Moreover, these ideas smartly match your kitchen’s color scheme. You can opt for colored brick wall tiles that will boldly contrast with your kitchen’s color scheme, offering a classy update to the space.

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